Arma 2 beta patch beta

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If you have not already done so, you will need to purchase ArmA 2 Combined Operations from the Steam Store. Отзывы по работе бета-патча можно оставить на официальном форуме. Jun 2012 - 3 min - Uploaded by От Савы с любовьюСкачать бета патч: //www.

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Improved: AI now always moves without covering when given move command by a player (//dev-heaven. Improved: AI now always moves without covering when boarding a vehicle. Fixed: Helicopter flying too low when approaching a landing spot. Improved: AI keeping formation a bit more strictly while in combat.

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Fixed: AI units not following player in combat. Fixed: Fire command was not working on non-enemy targets. Fixed: Av-8 sometimes performed long series of full rolls when disengaging from a target. Fixed: Improved airplane terrain avoidance when attacking. Fixed: Possible ServerCommand abuse by non-admin attackers. Fixed: lip-sync in EW campaign and in MP while client using VON. Fixed: AI units sometimes walking in circles (//dev-heaven. Fix: Flooding of RPT file by "Cannot find Object" and similar messages after client disconnection.

Download Patch 163 (Build 103718) (Beta)

FIX: Engine crash with diag_log versus % r. Fixed: More reliable VRAM detection on Vista/Win7 (using DXGI). Fixed: Units created by CreateUnit have had empty identity. Improved: AI helis able to fly a bit faster.

Арма 2 бета патч

Fixed: AI piloting a heli with a player as a gunner did not attempt to autorotate. Reduced lod switching in dense (forsest, town) scenes. Fixed: Flood in RPT file caused by lines like "Object 2:200 (type Type_268) not found.

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Fixed: Fake server monitor line after client connects. Fixed: Cursor on the windows borders no longer flashing when attempting to drag/resize the window. Fixed: Win7/Vista Aero preview should no longer be activated by mouse movement while playing. Fixed: Helicopters no longer lifting off when aircraft passed over them (//dev-heaven. Fixed: AI Helicopters wobbling up and down (//dev-heaven. Improved: Enemy targets are now unassigned once their crew is killed. Fixed: doFire did not work on most targets.

New: Multihome servers support. Fixed: SetCaptive doesn't stop AI shooting at a unit/player (fix 2. Fixed: Groups were missing units after group changes on JIP clients. Fixed: Despite irTarget = 0 units/objects could be locked with TAB.

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Fixed: Locality issues of objects in MP (mainly updates from nonowner errors). Improved: -exThreads=3 now default for dual cores. Improved: -cpuCount defaults improved for 6 or more then 8 CPUs. Fixed: No more LOD blending issues (esp.

Арма 2 бета патч

Fixed: Ignored collision with some vehicles. Improved: AI cover selection improved a bit. New: Video options VSync selection. Fixed: Character collisions with stones often resulted in flying or being stuck. Fixed: Subordinates would ignore their leaders' GetIn/GetOut commands in some MP situations. Fixed: Tanks were jumping a lot when driving over stones far from a camera (//dev-heaven. Optimized: Improved performance when wheeled or tracked vehicles are moving (related to ground trace maintenance).

Fixed: Possible player desync after DeleteVehicle command when player is a gunner. Fixed: Audibility of the VoN direct channel and conversations are now based on the player camera position, instead of the unit position. Improved: Tree LOD blending is now smoother in many situations. New: Free camera can be locked to plain objects like trees. New: New MP UI for Create Game (both host and remote). Fixed: Fps degradation when vehicles collided with rocks (//dev-heaven. New: -skipintro command line option to disable loading menu cutscenes.

Download Patch 163 (Build 103718) (Beta)

Optimized: File cache memory handling is now faster. Fixed: Stop firing at vehicle crew once it is dead. Fixed: Rpt file no longer created in local settings when -profile is used (//dev-heaven. Fixed: Some texture or model files not loaded from mod paths starting with @.

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Fix: Flooding of RPT file by "Cannot find Object" and similar messages after client disconnection. New: Scripting command HostMission. New: MP Diagnostics logged into the mpStatistics. Log file at the end of mission. Changed: Preprocessor error no longer terminates the game. Fixed: Reduced z-fight in scopes. New: event handler "fired" returns magazine name and object of projectile. Fixed: Slow animation step on some buildings (doors on LHD. Fixed: Alpha blend in fog. Fixed: Heads of distant soldiers were sometimes invisible (//dev-heaven. Fixed: Fired EH (//dev-heaven.

Fixed: Person - helicopter collision not cause heli damage, (//dev-heaven. Fixed: My own shots no longer causing a stress. Fixed: Nearby units are notified of vehicles created by CreateVehicle command immediately now. Fixed: AI helicopters hovering too high when deploying troops on transport unload WP.

Improved: Animation interpolation no longer shortening hands. Fixed: Relative formation command (advance/fallback/flank) now working as expected. Improved: AI mounting vehicles or catching up with formation covering a bit less to move faster. New: Expansions possibly registered in Windows Registry (by some future setups) are loaded and available through ModLauncher. When used with -mod commandline the prefix '%' should be used, such as -mod=%someInstalledMod. Improved: Improved helicopter AI formation flying and collision avoidance.

Fixed: MPEvents were not synchronized to clients after respawn.

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Fixed: leaveVehicle no longer unassigns units from other groups (//dev-heaven. Changed: Event handlers evaluation, EH are now processed after simulation. Fixed: AI soldier unable to fire at targets below or above itself (//dev-heaven. New: Multiplayer Event MPRespawn synchronized on all clients but triggered only on the client where respawn happens. New: Multiplayer Event Handlers MPKilled and MPHit. Their event handlers are synchronized over network to be the same on all clients. Moreover, when the MPKilled or MPHit event occurs it is triggered on all clients, ie.

Use them by new scripting commands addMPEventHandler, removeMPEventHandler and removeAllMPEventHandlers. Fixed: execVM with a zero sized file has freezed the game. Fixed: crash on server when loading ban. Fixed: Shadows sometimes disappered, esp. When sun was behind a player. New: Better clients bad CDKey checking on server. Fixed: Crash with AI leaving vehicle with GetOut EH (//dev-heaven. Fixed: Client with bad CD key is kicked off from server instead of being politely asked to disconnect. Fixed: Airplanes HUDs projected into infinity.

ArmA 2 Patch 110 Beta 84628

Improved: Tracers visible in all directions. Fixed: Unable to connect to servers with equalModRequired. Fixed: Multiplayer on LAN was crashing when GameSpy server was unavailable. New: GameSpy modhash key contains list of mods hashes and is used to check there are additional mods on server missing on client (yellow icon in UI). New: Mods contents hashes are compared instead of mods lists when equal mods are required on server. Fixed: Commandline -mod behavior, active Mods list in UI, ModLauncher UI dialog with better mods detection and handling.

Fixed: Terrain shadows were too short (//dev-heaven. Experimental: TCMalloc used as a memory allocator. New: Aircraft now auto-trims at high speed to prevent climbing. Improved: More 3D/2D resolution ratios (8:7 and 6:5) added. Fixed: Transport waited for dead unit to get out.

Arma 2: Patch v10358968 Beta

Fixed: NV tracers visible in TI (//dev-heaven. Fixed: Decreased tank sliding. Optimized: Frame rate stutter near complex walkable objects (like low rock walls) caused by grass computations. Fixed: IRStrobe (//dev-heaven. Fixed: 3D editor - creating of logic center failed (//dev-heaven. Fixed: Unit in vehicle could not open gear in map. Fixed: client freezes when accessing ammobox (//dev-heaven. Fixed: No volume drop on distance with weapon click, car horn and etc. Fixed: Dead player bodies disappeared after respawn. New: Repair vehicle and deactivate satchel charge action for enginner.