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Well they're also adding/updating several features, such as adding a ladder for players and giving BW much better anti-cheat. Not to mention the stuff they're doing with Fish and I hope HD campaign cinematics(PLZ BLIZZ! I'm guessing this will use the original SC1 engine with changes to allow 16:9/16:10 resolutions and updated textures and assets for graphics. The thing I'm most worried about is the increased resolution. If you have 4k, that means you're pwning scrubs at 4 times the ratio of us non-4k plebs. Only the animations are 24fps, the game itself is unlocked.

So that means mouse movement and camera scrolling will be at my monitors refresh rate right? Slightly mistaken question - the animations are 24 fps, which is the effect the player actually feels when they micro. If the animations were done at 60 fps it just wouldn't be the same game. Micro would have to be relearned at all levels. And brood war fucking rocks as is. We do get updated netcode tho, which will help the input feel. Harder than it was for you to get into SC2.

Brood War has a much higher skill floor than SC2. I would recommend trying to get into it, as it is a fantastic game if you can get the lack of QoL features missing (being able to select more than 12 units at a time, selecting multiple buildings, workers being able to rally to minerals etc).

Going from SC2 to BW is like going from LoL to Dota 2. At first a lot of the things in the game just seem out dated and dumb, but once you learn the intricacies of the game, you see that all of those things you thought of as out dated help make the game what, and why they are loved by the community. Eh the thing is everyone playing will be in the same boat, obviously picking up brood war and playing on fish right now is going to be infinitely harder than sc2, but Starcraft is only as hard as your opponent and there should be plenty of noobs giving it a crack and making the switch from sc2 for a while.

Really excited about Remastered coming out, but a quick question. BW is going free-to-play in March 30th, so is there a place where I'll be able to download it?

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Would I just need to go to Blizzard's site and find a download link? I'm just asking because I can't find the CD-key to my ancient SCBW lying around, so may as well just download the free one if I can so I can access Battle. Net and play some good old UMS maps. Do you think Blizzard will change the fog of war for multiplayer so the maps are greyed out rather than completely black? Memorizing maps and expansion locations is not fun.

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Has there been confirmation that we will be able to play old UMS maps and that map editor will be available for people to make new ones? Lack of good UMS maps is why I fell out of love with SC2. Question is: will they improve the editor or do we still have to use 3rd party editors? They only listen to people who are actually huge personalities in BW. For this remaster, they asked Flash, Bisu, JD and Stork for comments.

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This game is made for Korea, not for some random foreigners. Man I'm all for preserving gameplay but would anyone really miss how walling off works in bw?

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You basically have to trial and error over and over til you find something that works. Wish it were a bit more intuitive. You guys think a change like that would have any kind of negative impact? Making walls air tight like in SC2 would make it too easy to defend with a wall and too difficult to defend with a wall at the CC. If biggest issue is that there is no visual cues as wether your wall is valid or not. If you are Terran if advice to wall at your main CC and use the gaps to micro your Marines in case of early attack, it's easier to learn how to place buildings but it requires more micro.

If you are protoss forge FE and 1 gate FE both usually require you build a wall at the natural choke which is not always easy, however 2 gates is a good solid build to transition into the mid game with Zerg that is kept in check so I'd advice that build to a beginner. Where do i go for beginning build order, basic tutorials? Is definitely a great place to start, and it's where I began reading. There are no "end all say all" builds listed, as each build is categorized as TvZ, TvT, etc.

But it's still a starting point.

StarCraft: Remastered PC Download Full Game Crack CPY

Will there be a setting to stretch the HUD so the minimap and command card are in the corners (as in the original, Warcraft III, and Starcraft 2)? I think it's weird how the entire thing is the same size in widescreen as it was in 4:3 but padded at the sides. I'm sure there are reasons they made this design decision, but I'd like the option to change it. The reason is that you can press a button to return it to 4:3 oldschool BW look midgame. This way all UI elements remain in place. I can't believe this is happening!

So will this revitalize the Money Prize brood wars tournaments in south korea and elsewhere?

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Haven't the brood wars tourneys with big cash prizes died out since starcraft 2 was released? When the original game releases on the 30th how will i queue ladder and where can i find good guides for it? I would be very thankful if someone would PM me a playlist of those. Edit:How do you get keybindings to be more localized and better overall as well? I'm super okay with this. Big fat nugget of awesome for free, pay them for their work if we want more.

Freemium concept, kind of like porn.

I understand the PTR is a free download. I am seeing so many articles around the internet about "Starcraft Original is Free from today". Is the PTR only free? Or is the full release also going to be free, forever? (follow up question, if it is free, why do you think Blizzard do dis?

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As a person who has never actually played Starcraft, but wants to jump in, should I wait for SC:R or just start playing SC2? SC2 is a much easier game for new players.

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The skill floor in Brood War is much, much higher than in SC2. That being said, if you want to play both, it would be easier starting with SC:R or Brood War and then switching to SC2. Most of the things that people coming form SC2 would find annoying about BW might not bother you since you don't have the background.

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This really depends on what you're looking for in the game. Personally I love both games in their own right. I think SC2 is much more friendly and modern, IE. Much easier for people to pick up and learn. I think remastered will potentially have a bigger player base once it's released, but the quirks in the game make it pretty painful to play until you're used to it. I think that will drive the player base down to just the diehard fans after a while.

Personally I'd pickup SC2 and not look back if you have no nostalgia for the original. I think what youre missing is the fact that the frustrating elements of unit control are only bad if youre significantly worse at it than your opponent is. Its hard to jump into ICCUP at this point and find other new players to learn and grow up with because the game is so old there are very few new players. With SCR there will be a huge influx of noobs that suck as bad as other new players. Sure some people will quit, but I think many will stick around because the gameplay in BW is just so much more fun. I played sonething like 2k games on ICCUP back in the day and never once remembed getting supply capped in a game.

I bought like 4 copies of brood war since I kept scratching the disc over the course of 10+ years. You haven't needed a disk in like 8 years. You could put the code in online years ago and just redownload. Are they going to update the observer features? It would be cool to have all the effects that you see in SC2: zoom in/out, unit production/ units tab, etc.

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I don't know if this is already a thing in BW, but I haven't seen them used. They are hesitant, however, about how much information to give with regards to unit tabs, etc since BW has historically not had this info during streams. I didn't watch the last GSL final - was it announced there? I can't find the announcement in the VOD. If it happened there, it must be before the event, because I see ads of SC:R during breaks in the VOD.

Tldr: When and how was this first officially announced and can you link me the announcement itself (not the trailer, but how was it announced)? Anouncement was before any of the BW matches that day. Blizzards CEO Mike Morhaime anounced it.

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