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Mass Effect Andromeda has become the latest to fall, raising serious question marks over whether the implementation of the anti-tamper DRM has any worth in the first place. BioWare had to face off against some unfortunate realities when Mass Effect: Andromeda was cracked and spread across pirating communities only ten days after its release. Apr 2017 - 27 min - Uploaded by Filipe HainzenrederMass Effect Andromeda N7 Armor: How To Get Shepard's N7 Armor for Ryder in Mass Effect.

I would say it is a pretty important element. They are not just bad. They look like they were done by someone who's just started doing the gig. I was more bugged out by the lack of shadowing on the face.

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All the eyes look dead. Gameplay is good but the removal of squad power usage makes the game feel slow in my opinion. It doesn't help that the squad AI is pretty horrid. I would say that ME3 still has the vote for best combat in the franchise. It also doesn't help that you do the same task on each planet. Literally the same thing on each planet in order to progress through the story. All in all it is a game where "fun" is found but it is super buggy and a mess. A bad "Mass Effect" game.

Dang no I haven't had those bugs. Can definitely see how that would be a major detraction to the overall game though. Hopefully they can get this patched soon. Hold on, you got 10 upvotes for this comment yet 20 downvotes before for saying the same thing? Damn Reddit, you scary!

This is hiw every single site works. Unless you have some damn good evidence to prove that you enjoyed thr game, expect downvotes. It's fine for now, but as future patches, fixes and DLC come out those won't be cracked. So we're stuck with the buggy early version of the game. In this case I dont particularly want to play ME:A after having played ME3 and reading the initial reviews, but I will probably give it a go to see all the hilarious facial animations and bugs. Actually the facial animations aren't that bad.

I'm playing the game just to see how big if it's as big of a trainwreck shitshow as people are saying. Not that I expect the patch to fix all the issues, but for now, playing it patched would ruin the fun.

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Facial animations are shitty but the real issue is the game just isn't that good. Mediocre story, boring chores driving around and solving puzzles, cumbersome as fuck crafting system and menus in general, dumbed down squad combat, horrible dialogue.

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It's just pretty weak overall. That's why I want to play version 1. To see all the meme animations and bugs. I don't like modern Bioware games. EA bought it, bogged it down with corporate rules out the ass, and eventually renamed like 10 other studios "Bioware" so people think the games are still developed under that one competent studio. The Mass Effect franchise was a nice idea on the drawing board after Kotor, but past ME1 I really didn't care for it. I can see why people like ME2, and even ME3 to some extent, but with ME:A it's obvious that EA phoned it in like never before.

ME1 had its problems with the engine and gameplay, and its ancient-evil scifi story was a bit generic.

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But in my opinion it was very memorable, with a well executed serviceable story, and at least the RPG gameplay was unique. ME2 and ME3 were probably more enjoyable for many people due to the combat, and the new characters were pretty good.

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But for me the bog standard third person combat and rudimentary RPG systems were generic and boring, and spending the next two games also roaming around in the Normandy (Millenium Falcon) was nostalgia bait and lazy. Furthermore the universe was never expanded upon meaningfully in the sequels, and the main plots went from serviceable in ME1 to completely shit. Also, ME2 and ME3 had, and still have, the worst DLC scheme known to man - not relevant if you pirate, but still. I also felt that ME1's 'ancient evil' seemed generic right up until the point where I had dialogue with an actual Reaper.

Few moments in gaming were ever as powerful for me. And not one moment like that for the rest of the trilogy. The biggest letdown in Mass Effect for me was that there was no payoff to everything that one scene was promising us. And no fight in ME2 or 3 topped the fight against Saren. Kind of like if Vader and Palpatine died in Eps. And Luke just had stormtroopers and henchmen to fight in Eps. The convo with Soverign in ME1 stands out as one the greatest moments in SP gaming for me.

I remember mind = blown for days after.

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As you, I was hoping for and thoroughly let down by the absence of anything resembling that epicness in the two next games. I did get into sci fi books because of it and has read plenty of stuff since that gives that same feeling. So a big thanks to ME1 for that. You should have read the comments at KAT when dragon age released and denuvo hadn't been cracked.

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People were willing to download malware infected files to try to play that game. None can help brother, wait and prey for the god emperor to loosen the leechers a bit. How dear anyone put DRM in my video games ugh!

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Didn't we all tell them last year no god damn DRM? Been wanting to play the game, but didn't want to pay for it. I need to save the little money I make to pay rent to my parents and get some hot pockets and mountain dew instead. Is way too much for anyone to reasonably afford for 70-100 hours of entertainment anyways. Thankfully we can now enjoy the game that people worked for years on without having to support the developers. And if they go out of business or are forced to downsize, or worse, raise their prices, to compensate for the decline in sales, clearly it's THEIR fault. Greedy bastards trying to make a living!

Actually I'd say they underfunded the game. The publisher ran it into the ground, the money doesn't even go to the devs; it goes to the publisher. Who by the way had such a high turnover rate (aka, terrible work env, terrible management) during this game's development that not a single dev was there from start to finish of andremeda. Vote with your lack of a wallet and pirate for curiosity's sake. So the devs work for free? What the hell are you even saying here? If the game doesn't sell, the publisher AND devs make less money, which can lead to lay-offs or wage freezes.

Or worse, entire studios getting shut down (remember, there are several Bioware studios, so they could "consolidate" and shut down one of them if need be). To let us know that he is an entitled neckbeard who likes to call disenfranchized Mass Effect fans entitled. He was probably one of the 4% of people who thought the ME3 ending did nothing wrong. At this moment, a vpn is only essential in America, the sooner your big media corporations die the better.

Huh, then i should start using one. Been pirating for couple of years now. Personally, I've never needed a VPN and wouldn't consider paying for one unless my ISP told me they were going to shut off my internet for repeat violations, or something similar.

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I've used the same few private trackers for years with all of the major ISPs. The only time I've ever gotten an infringement notice was when my wife downloaded a tv show from kickass torrents. I just ignored it and nothing happened.

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Never used a VPN to pirate and I've been doing it for about 15 years now. Seedboxes are way better investments anyway. It's a deal you get with newsdaemon Usenet. A month in total for unlimited Usenet and VPN.